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Welcome to the Spray School District website. Our mission is to Engage, Challenge and Prepare our students for the next step in Life! Our staff is committed to doing whatever it takes for our students to be successful You are invited to explore our website and learn more about our district.

Budget Committee Opening

December 5, 2019

The District has two openings on the Budget Committee. The budget committee terms are three years. Interested Spray citizens need to complete a brief application and return it to the Spray School District Office by December 21, 2018. Applicants must live within the Spray School District boundaries and be registered to vote. The Spray School Board will make its appointment at its regular scheduled meeting on January 14, 2019. The first Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for May 6, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

Budget Committee Application (PDF)

What is a budget committee?

A budget committee is a group of school board members and citizens that reviews the school district’s proposed budget. The committee is composed of the school board and an equal number of citizens. The committee reviews the budget at a public meeting. The committee can make changes to the proposed budget to reflect changes it wants to make in the local government’s spending in order to meet the goals and objectives established by the school board. When it is satisfied, the committee approves the budget. Each of the members has the same authority, whether school board member or appointed citizen. Each appointed member is appointed to finish out the term of a person previously appointed to a position or if for a new position for a 3-year term.

Thank You Wheeler County Cultural & Heritage Coalition


The Spray School would like to thank the Wheeler County Cultural & Heritage Coalition for their mini-grant of $500 for the school's music program.  Spray's music specialist Tripp Andre had this to say, "The Spray School District purchased several band and orchestra instruments using the mini-grant awarded to the Music Beginnings Program. These instruments provided summer knowledge and enjoyment for Spray students and will make an even bigger impact when the school year begins".

"I like playing the clarinet," said one student who attended every summer music opportunity.  None of this would have been possible without the Wheeler County Cultural & Heritage Coalition.  Spray's new musical instruments will have a lasting impact for years to come.





District Annual Report (Division 22)

By January 15 of each year, the Superintendent presents the District’s Annual Report. The purpose of the report is to a ssure compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 581, Division 22, as to the Standards for Public elementary and Secondary Schools with the exception of development of a written district Talent and Gifted procedure.

To view the 2018 report, visit our "District Info" page, it is located at the bottom.