Student Success Act


Signed into law in May of 2019, the Student Success Act is a historic opportunity for Oregon schools. When fully implemented this act will invest approximately $2 billion for early learning and K-12 education, and close to $500 million will go directly to Oregon school districts and eligible charter schools through the Student Investment Account.  Spray School District could receive up to around a $100k.  This account is a non-competitive grant. The focus of the Student Investment Account is on key areas for improvement – from reducing class size, increasing instructional time, addressing health and safety needs and ensuring a well-rounded education. The law requires school districts to meaningfully engage stakeholders to determine the best investments for students in their local community while explicitly focusing on student mental and behavior health, addressing disparities based on race or disability, and improving teaching and learning conditions.

The Student Success Act marks a turning point for education in Oregon.

  • When fully implemented, our state will see an additional $1 billion investment in education each year.
  • This offers a new opportunity to improve outcomes for students who have been historically under served by our system.

Our school district has an important role to play. We are required to develop a plan for how we want to invest additional education funding.

  • We cannot write this plan alone.
  • You play an important part in helping us better understand what’s working well for students and where we can partner and improve.

We need your help and support. Our plan must be developed with broad input from staff, students, families and the community.

  • We need staff, student, and family voices in this conversation to make absolutely sure we are representing each and every student in our community.
  • Your input will be used to help us develop or adjust our strategic plan for the next several years and determine how we will seek to use the funds now available to us.
  • We want to hear from everyone. And we are extra focused on reaching students and families of color; students with disabilities; emerging bilingual students; students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care; and other students that have historically experienced disparities in our schools.

Together, we get to determine how to improve support by getting your input on these top 5 priorities specified in the new law.

  1. Reducing academic disparities for students 
  2. Meeting students’ mental or behavioral health needs
  1. Allowing teachers and staff to have sufficient time to: 
    • Collaborate with other teachers and staff
    • Review data on students’ grades, absences and discipline, based on school and on grade level or course
    • Develop strategies to ensure that at-risk students stay on track to graduate
  2. Establishing and strengthening partnerships with other districts, regional ESD’s and other local agencies.

Will you join in developing a plan for our students’ success?

  • Our district will host community input sessions on:

October 2nd 12:00 library

  • We will share our plans publicly at the following school board meetings:
    • October 14th 7:00 p.m.
    • October 23rd spaghetti feed at Grange 6:00
    • November 11th 7:00 p.m. other dates to be announced on our web site.