News Update

March 24, 2020

Good morning parents, I wanted and give you an update on what we are trying to do here at our school.  It goes without saying we are in uncharted waters when it comes to what we are all facing.  Schools around the state see changes daily. I started this email with one message and now one hour later have changed it. With this in mind here is what we are planning for next week.

Teachers are to meet on a teleconference Monday March 30 at 9:00 a.m. to discuss how best to serve our students.  We will let parents know shortly after this on how we accomplish this.  

We plan to deliver lunches to all students, and am working with the cafeteria and bus drivers on how best to do this starting Monday the 30th

It is my current understanding schools should not attempt online learning unless districts can guarantee that ALL students have equitable access.

Spray School District will not offer online school at this time. We cannot do so and guarantee equitable access for every student nor can we provide the various student services that are necessary for a free adequate public education. 

What we plan to offer is supplemental materials that students can access from home.  We will be working to distribute chrome books for student use and families without internet we will try to find ways to serve these families. 

I have attached a web site from another district that has some supplemental resources that parents can use to support their efforts to keep students engaged and learning. We are concerned about this more than about points and grades at this time. When the teachers get back on March 30 and 31st we will communicate with you our efforts as we develop our own resources.  These materials again are supplemental and are not graded or expected to be completed.  We wanted to make available to parent some outside help.  Open up this hyperlink for access.  I will also be working with teachers to forward links that will also be useful.

Notice on the page there are:

Elementary ResourcesLearning Enrichment Page for Elementary

Secondary ResourcesLearning Enrichment Page for Secondary

If you have any questions about these sites or have difficulty please contact me here at school.

Remember be safe, follow local state and federal guidelines regarding safe distancing and hygiene.

Larry Johnson