About Us

Spray School District

The district is a unified school district with students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  The campus includes five separate buildings with three containing classrooms:  one houses K-3 and 4-7, one houses 8-12, and the central services building contains the administration offices, cafe, library, and media center.  Adjacent to these three buildings are a separate woodshop and  gym.  The district employs seven teachers, two instructional assistants, and one administrator. The district operates two boarding residences for high school students from all over the world and the Pacific Northwest.  The boarding residence for girls is located across the street from the school and the boys' residence is located about a mile from campus near the John Day River. Each dorm is a family setting for six high school students.

The Spray School District offers a strong academic and activities program for all students.  We maintain updated technology and a variety of distance education offerings. Class size is 6-15 students. High school 10th – 12th grades are able to participate in our Early College program. Students who qualify can earn an Oregon transfer degree through our affiliation with Columbia Gorge Community College. Life in a small school means increased opportunities to learn and engage in athletics and activities.We have a middle school and high school athletic and activities program providing football, volleyball, basketball and track.

Spray, Oregon

Spray is a small, rural community located in Wheeler County on the John Day River.  The school district encompasses approximately 605 square miles, including the City of Spray and unincorporated areas of the county.  Spectacular natural beauty surrounds Spray.  The mountainous environment lends itself to various outdoor activities such as:hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, backpacking, and rafting.